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“God grant that in America true religion and

civil liberty may be inseparable . . .”

Dr. John Witherspoon, Fast Day Sermon, May 17, 1776

The Foundation for Moral Law has launched a pastors' seminar entitled, Restoring the Foundation: Church, State, and the Law. This periodic seminar will equip pastors with the knowledge to better understand the pulpit's unique role in defending America's God-given liberties and instill them with the courage to speak out on the moral issues of the day.

The Foundation's legal experts and guest speakers are dedicated to training and encouraging pastors to better understand the following Seminar Topics:

  • The First Amendment
  • True “Separation of church and state” and its Biblical foundation
  • The “rule of law” – is it whatever judges say it is?
  • The power of the pulpit in American history: learn about the courageous clergy during the American Revolution, election sermons, the Great Awakening, and the 20th-Century retreat of the church.
  • IRS restrictions on pastors and churches
  • Moral issues in the law : what can the righteous do?

Pastors' comments on
Restoring the Foundation

•  “Great and awesome material & anointed, highly knowledgeable speakers.”

•  “Very good and helpful.”

•  “Gave me insight as to how we slipped so far to where we are now.”

Past guest speakers for the Restoring the Foundation seminar have included:

  • Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, the Foundation's Chairman
  • Dr. John Eidsmoe, Law Professor, Historian, and Ordained Minister
  • Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker
  • Kyle Searcy, Fresh Anointing International Church
  • Rev. Tony Powers, Evangelist, Chelsea, Alabama
  • Rev. Mike Griffin, pastor and President of Ten Commandments Georgia

The Foundation's first seminar, held in October of 2005, was a wonderful success. The pastors thoroughly enjoyed the topics discussed, the interaction with the speakers, and the Seminar Notebook stuffed with many resources for further study and for sermon ideas. (See comments in sidebar.)

Call the Foundation for Moral Law now at (334) 262-1245 if you are a pastor or church leader and you would like to be a part of these exciting seminars.

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